Vaitheeswaran koil

Vaitheeswaran Koil

Vaitheeswaran koil is the prime centre of Nadi Astrology.  Lord Shiva is claimed to have taken on the role of a vaidya or doctor at Vaitheeswarn Koil in order to allay the fears and suffering of his followers. It is claimed that praying to Vaitheeswaran can treat illnesses. In this temple, Lord Shiva is revered as Vaidyanathar or Vaitheeswaran, which means the “God of healing.” When said aloud in Tamil, it has the pronunciation of “vaideeswaran.” It is a temple dedicated to the planet Mars and is one of the nine Navagraha (nine planets) temples (Angaraka). A holy plunge in the nectar-containing holy water known as siddhamirtham, which is located within the temple complex, is thought to cure all illnesses. In the past, many siddhas offered nectar to the Lord of this location during abishek rituals and received numerous benefits. the holy spring and the nector used for the abishek. At this sacred temple tank, which has 18 theerthas, all human illnesses are cured. Along with alleviating people’s bodily suffering, Lord Vaidyanatha also heals them of the chronic sickness of births and deaths. The local deity is extraordinarily strong and can fulfill any wish made by a devotee in addition to curing people’s planetary troubles.