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Bhrigu Nadi Astrology Online​

One of Lord Brahma’s Manasputras was Maharshi Bhrigu. Sages like Narada, Vasishtha, Atri and Gautama were added to the list. A member among the Nine Brahmas is known as Bhrigu. He was married to Khyati, child of Daksha, Puloma, a daughter of Kardama and Usana as wives. Khyati was the mother of Dhata and Vidhata two sons and one daughter who was named Shri. Since God Brahma has created Maharshi Bhrigu to help his creation process, he’s often referred to as Prajapati (or creator). Sri (Lakshmi) is his daughter, was Shri Vishnu’s bride. She is often referred to in the form of Bhargavi (Bhargaveem, Bilva Nilayaam, Vararohaam, Yasaswineem, Vasundharaam, Udaaraaangaam, Harineem) due to the fact that they are the daughters of Bhrigu. Goes the Daridrya Mochana Stotram, Hemamalineem). Similar to that, Sukracharya, the Daityas preceptor, is a different one of the sons of Bhrigu who was born to Usana and is also known by the names of Kavi, Bhargava, and others. In the coming years we’ll try to find out more about these masters of the world. Maharshi Bhrigu led many Yagnas, and helped others to do so. He fulfilled the wishes of many others to bear sons using his power. He sat in the chariot of the Sun God during the 2 months between Bhadrapada as well as Shravana. Devatas was freed by Usana was murdered, as were her abilities. Sage Bhrigu requested Vishnu to appear on Earth and be a part of the cycle of death and birth, and suffer the same way as us. He utilized his power to restore his wife to her former life. As He was able to accept the curse of the Sage Durvasa, Vishnu was able to accept his curse as a Sage. Ambareesha the fervent Vishnu devotee, was cursed by the Sage when Vishnu stood in a non-existent form and accepted the curse Himself.