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We are among the first families of astrology nadi which has been offering an astrological service that is sacred since the time of the Pallava time period.


We are among the first families of astrology nadi which has been offering an astrological service that is sacred since the time of the Pallava time period.

The Present Guruji A.Siva Guru Swamy,

We wanted to ensure that it was accessible to everyone to all people from every backgrounds, regardless of background, races, or or ethnicity. This is why we started this site and serve people in over 86 countries for the past 33 years, and we continue the legacy began in 1802 by Guruji. S.Vaidhyanathan.

 Online Nadi Astrology

  • Nadi Astrology is also known as nadi josiyam, nadi jyotish, nadi josiyam, and nadi jothidam. Thousands of years ago, the Saptharishis used their yogic powers to write on palm leaves. They are also known as the Sages of India.
  • These predictions are written on the leaves from the day the person learns about the service of Nadi Jyotish and Nadi Jyotish. So, the predictions are pre-written, and the Nadi Jyotish or Naadi Jyotish simply reads them.
  • The aspirant thumb impression is handed over by the Nadi jyotish reader at the library as it is scientifically proven that each individuals whirls and loops are unique and nearly impossible to replicate.  Online Nadi Astrology  or nadi shastra online or online nadi jothidam  facilities are also available for distance individual of  other country in case  thumb impression are send to nadi astrologer office on  due request.. 

 Vaitheeswaran Koil Best and Genuine Nadi Astrology

Vaitheeswaran koil nadi astrology

Nadi astrology , also known as Vaitheeswaran koil nadi astrology or nadi jothidam is a type of hindu astrology practised in and around Vaitheeswaran temple olaichuvadi. 

It is one of the science controls in human future prediction, also known as the power of Extra Sensory Perceptions, and most people choose nadi astrologers based on vaitheeswaran koil nadi jothidam reviewLord Shiva ensures the veracity of the forecasts provided by these ancient palm leaves. It refers to all people’s previous, present, and future existences as predicted by Hindu sages in antiquity. 

 Only the ancient sages are the most accurate genuine nadi astrologers in vaitheeswaran koil at predicting human authorization based on date of birthinterplanetary positions, and Zodiac signs.  Alternate controls include palmistry, numerology and nadi reading.  All of these are set to be original nadi jothidam from ancient history.

There are so many nadi astrologer available in and around Vaitheeswaran temple but very few are famous nadi astrologers in Vaitheeswarankoil.Among folks of nadi astrologers in and around the temple the best nadi jothidham in vaitheeswarankoil are few like Siva nadi astrology vaitheeswaran and Agathiyar nadi jothidam The most important aspect of palm leaf astrology is predicting our future based on our native.  In Tamil, it is known as Olai Chuvudi Jothidam, especially in Vaitheeswaran koil

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Predictions are made one-on-one in a professional astrologist from your local branch. You will receive the birth chart along with an audio copy for the predictions.

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Predictions made through audio or video call from the ease of your own home. You will receive an audio file to your email address.

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The fastest way to receive an estimate for our stressed customers, is to complete the form below and email us your details and you’ll receive an audio recording to your email address too.

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 Siva Nadi Astrology​

As an ancient form of astrology, Siva Nadi astrology focuses on the divine essence of life

 Agasthaya Nadi Astrology​

 Agathiyar Nadi jothidam is such an ancient Nadi reading center operating for more than 30 years.

 Nadi Astrology​

housands of years ago, the Saptharishis used their yogic powers to write on palm leaves

 Nadi History​

  Nadi Astrology (Nadi Jyothidam) is a type of Dharma astrology used by the people of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and adjacent regions of India.

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