Nadi Procedure

If a thumb impression of a native is taken, the person provides his thumb impressions to libraries. The library has categorizes and indexes the palm-leaf bundles according to the thumb impression, making it easier to locate the bundles. There may be 5 to 6 bundles each thumb impression. Between 50 to 100 leaves could be included in the bundles. A single leaf could be recognized in the first bundle or in any other bundle from the six. Because the prophecies contained in this holy text are limited to a tiny amount of souls, they might not always be realized. Therefore, finding this particular leaf takes lots of time and effort. Since the reader has to go through a statement on that first leaf reader will also read the second statement to verify its authenticity if the first statement is correct.

At the time of arrangement the left hand or thumb impression of the hand, in the event the person is either male or female, will be presented in the middle. The bundles with the details made or the thumb impressions to which their impression is located will be identified using this thumb impression. There could be forecasts for hundreds of people within every bundle. In certain instances, a particular palm leaf could contain predictions that are shared with more than one customer. A single leaf or set of leaves might contain only the predictions of a single person in extremely rare circumstances. We usually give the original palm leaves to the person who is in need of Jathaka for single-person predictions. In other cases we do not offer our customers the original palm leaves. As mentioned earlier, the leaves are destroyed when we join the leaves with the Cauvery River on a regular basis. We do however provide each customer with a journal where we write down the initial Tamil predictions within the Naadi. Following that, the prediction will be translated into the language that they prefer. Two single-leaf predictions been made in the last two years the first in 1998 for a top IAS officer, and another in May 2000, for an important politician who was one of whom was All India General Secretary of the ruling party of the major. They were presented with the original leaf as a token of appreciation. In the same vein one of our Japanese client who came to with us back in the year the year 1995 (video Page 7) received a unique leaf (see also the image included in our appendix showing him with his leaf).

The process of picking the leaf that is chosen can take anywhere from two to three hours at times and clients may get it in the form of five or six leaf at other dates. Certain information about a person will be included on every leaf that describes that individual, including his name and name of his spouse as well as their names, the parents’ names and siblings, the number of sisters and brothers they have, the date the person was born, whether they are sons from the initial or the second wife and if the father had a second marriage and other particulars. Witnesses are known as Sakshis. If the facts are taken from leaves, the client should affirm or deny them. But, he shouldn’t divulge the information prior to. If the information in one particular leaf is not entirely accurate then the next leaf is chosen then the process is repeated until the correct leaf that is completely compatible with the information of his family, is located. The majority of individuals don’t receive their leaf. It means that a chance to see their destiny hasn’t yet come. We regularly launch new bundles through our headquarters, which allows those who failed to get their Naadi to receive it in the future. While we may take a long time looking for our leaf don’t charge any charges for failure to find the leaf.