Why individuals in Bangalore turn to ancient sciences ?

This is one of the reasons for the popularity of Sivanadi astrology in Bangalore. This science is a specialised branch of the now famous nadi astrology. According to nadij yotish experts, in the Dwaparayuga the ancient rishis of India used their divine powers to foretell the future of the entire mankind who was born till then or would be born in the future yugas till the Kalpanta or end of the world. These rishis inscribed this information on to palm leaves treated in such a way that they would last till the end of the four yugas or Kalpanta. These palm leaves were passed down from one generation to the other and as far as Sivanadi astrology is concerned the best Sivanadi astrology centre in Bangalore is easy to find.

Popularity of Sivanadi astrology in Bangalore

The world today acknowledges the ancient civilisation of India and its massive knowledge about the sciences which even the modern day scientists are unable to deal with. This is the reason that the sciences like palmistry, astrology etc. are becoming popular. The city of Bangalore is known as an IT hub and people from all over the country have flocked to this hub to create a new and better life for themselves and their families. Then again there are the individuals who feel lonely in this big city because they have not yet started families of their own. There is also the high work load and stress generated by this work load. Many people working in the IT sector in Bangalore suffer from lifestyle ailments like hypertension, diabetes etc. In spite of their current success, these workers find life to be unpredictable and therefore they turn to means through which they can learn about their future.

Modernisation of an ancient science

Just like all successful businesses nowadays it is easy to find Sivanadi Kendra in Bangalore. The modern day practitioners of SivanadiShastra in Bangalore may or may not have their centres in the same city but they can be contacted with the help of the internet. These modern day astrologers have their own user friendly websites. People looking for Sivanadi jyotish in Bangalore simply have to register on the website or else contact the Sivanadi jothidam in Bangalore with the help of the contact information given there. They will then have to simply send a phone picture of their thumb imprint and the astrologers will look for the palm leaf inscription.

Why Sivanadi astrology is more accurate in Bangalore

People who have heard about nadi astrology earlier may wonder about the specialty of Sivanadi josiyam in Bangalore or elsewhere. It is said that the great Lord Siva knew about the past present and future of the entire mankind. Once he was narrating this information to his consort Parvati and the learned rishis came to record this conversation and the palm leaves carrying this divine information became the basis of Sivanadi astrology. This collection of special palm leaves is held by a special family in Tamil Nadu and this family authenticated this knowledge around a thousand years ago. They have been able to preserve almost all the palm leaves pertaining to Sivanadi astrology.

Other Streams of Nadi Astrology

The other nadi astrology streams were scattered around the country due to the natural calamities or even when foreign forces invaded the country. So if you want to learn about your future you should look for Sivanadi Jyothisham Centre in Bangalore. The best part is that in spite of its accuracy Sivanadi astrology fees in Bangalore are quite reasonable.


What is Shiva Nadi In Bangalore ?

Interestingly, there is a form of Nadi known as the Siva Nadi which is in the form of dialogues between Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. Well known saint Kakabusanda sang verses to his disciple Gorakhnath about the fate and destiny of mankind. This form of Nadi is known as Kakabusanda Nadi.

Who wrote Nadi Astrology  ?

Chandra Kala Nadi, which is also known as Deva Keralam, was published by Sagar Publications in 1992, edited and translated into English by R Santhanam. It is a compilation of over 82 hundred verses by Achyut of Kerala.