Siva Nadi astrology

Origin of Siva Nadi Astrology

 In the adjacent south regions of India, both in Tamil Nadu and also in Kerala, Nadi astrology was originated based on the recorded ancient predictions on tree barks and palm leaves. In the ancient Hindu temple of Lord Siva, at Vaitheeswaran Koil, the ancient scriptures of Nadi astrology were discovered. So, it is termed Siva Nadi Astrology. The most significant thing about Nadi astrology is the ancient trick of recording the ancient predictions by the Indian sages. Almost a thousand years ago, the Hindu sages achieved a precious boon, which made them so powerful that they could predict not only any dead persons but also any living person, as well as about those, who will be born in the future.

These Hindu sages had described all their powerful visions on the palm leaves. All the predictions were recorded in Tamil scripts. In the Tamil language, the term ‘Nadi’ means ‘in search of’. The astrologers, who practice Nadi astrology, help people to find out their past, as well as future.The legends of Nadi astrology claim that palm leaves scriptures are spread in different regions of India. But first time few parts were discovered in Tamil Nadu. A large number of astrologers believe that these palm leave scriptures contain the unthinkable secrets of the past, as well as the present. And these secrets can make a bridge between past and present.According to the names of Hindu sages, the Nadis are termed as – Brahma Nadi, Kaushika Nadi, Suka Nadi, Agasthiya Nadi, etc. All these Nadis are written in Tamil sonnet. So, it is quite tough, for those astrologers, who are not familiar with the ancient linguistics of astrology.

What Are The Core Theories of Siva Nadi Astrology?

 This ancient astrology reveals the causes of karmic struggles at present and also recommends effective ways to get rid of the pains and struggles. In terms of suitable remedies, the ancient predictions of this astrology play major roles. The Saptarishi’s predictions are so powerful, that they can conquer the obstacles of time. And while the astrologers read the palm leaves, they get meaningful visions about their client’s birth, current positions, reasons for suffering. According to astrologers, there are individual techniques to resolve the reasons for karmic struggles in life. The following points describe those points:

Recognition of Leaf

According to the Nadi astrologers the truth seekers have to come with self-motivation for searching the leaves at a particular time, fixed by destiny. A male needs to input the right thumb impression and a female needs to input the left thumb impression.

Among 108 types of thumb impressions, the truth seekers have to find out the appropriate leaf. The seekers will get answers based on scriptures of the leaf. The palm leaves of Nadi astrology are divided based on the impressions of thumb.

Destiny Roles

The fortunate people can come to know the role of divine powers in their present life. And it is a wonder while the truth seekers come to know that the leaf represents the strong visions about the time when the individual seeker will appear to experience the results of the reading. The seekers can feel the divine essence while they come to know about the predestined time of their visiting for reading the leaf.

The ancient belief claims Lord Shiva creates the destiny of every soul and destiny is the incarnations of the soul’s will. So, leaf reading help to understand the emerging lifestyle based on a particular incarnation.


As an ancient form of astrology, Siva Nadi astrology focuses on the divine essence of life. And the techniques of leaf reading show the strength of Hindu mythology, which is also equivalent to resolving the problems of life in the present time.

Why People Consider Nadi Astrology As Divine Solution

In the South region of India, an ancient version of astrology claims the Hindu sages used palm leaves to record the predictions about the past, present, and future. And these ancient belief-centric predictions are highly valued in Nadi Astrology. The theory of Nadi astrology claims that written predictions on palm leaves are so powerful that the astrologers can portray the past, present, and future life of all human beings using those prophecies.

For being scripted on palm leaves, this ancient astrology is known as Palm Leaves Astrology.


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