What is Nadi Astrology?
Nadi Astrology is an ancient super science that illuminates the spiritual journey of your soul. It also assists you in understanding your present, past, and the future. Also called Nadi Jyotish, Nadi is the Science of Thumbprints and the Science of Sounds too. The ancient sages of India have drawn our destiny in palm leaves, claiming to be divinity-inspired predictions. Their vision of the future has revealed to them the challenges that would be faced in the present. From their deep love for humanity These advanced and speedy beings sought to offer people with the chance to understand and change their lives and grow their souls. The soul stories they observed were recorded. The mysterious science we learn from our seers of the past provides not only the future, but also ways to sever your karma and guide your life’s course to the right path.

What is a Nadi Leaf ?
In the past the information was transmitted by oral transmission. The first written record was published three thousand years later. The scribes were the first to document much of India’s scientific, literary spiritual, and astrological legacy that spans hundreds of thousands of years. Granite slabs, copper plates that were thin as well as tree barks were a few of the media employed to record data and for Nadi information, the leaves of palm were preferred.
The Rishis employed scribes who take care to carefully write each word of your story onto the dried leaf using the use of a specific tool or stylus. The process was carried out entirely by hand in order to avoid cutting the leaf. The writing was usually continuous, and there was no spaces between words. This is the reason reading the leaves is a skill that requires practice, along with a grasp of the old languages of Tamil and Sanskrit. After the etching had been completed then the lamp black or turmeric was used to enhance the brightness and make it easier to read and then oil was applied to aid in preserving them. A collection of leaves from the same thumbprint category or soul grouping were then tied by a string between two covers made of wood.

Nadi Astrology – Science of Thumbprints
Nadi Astrology makes use of your thumb to identify the position of your Nadi Leaf and predict your future fate based on the readings that are that are written in the form of a song. It is this distinction in Nadi Astrology that differentiates it from conventional astrology which requires you to submit the details of your birth. There are approximately 108 classes of the human race and your individual thumbprint is traced down to determine the soul’s bundle which can contain anywhere from 20-25 individual leaves. The Nadi Reader makes use of the sound inscriptions onto the leaf to zoom on the exact leaf.
Benefits of Nadi Astrology
One of the benefits in Nadi Nadi lies in how it provides you a better understanding of the relationship between your birthplace to your present situation. It also outlines how to eliminate the karma that was left from your prior birth. The past could come back to bring you down. The Rishis did not just write the soul’s path upon your Nadi leaf, but also outlined an array of’remedies’ (also known as ‘course corrections’) which can help you to reorient yourself on an optimal direction.
The Rishis had scribes who could take care to carefully write each line of your story on the dried leaf using an instrument or stylus. The process was carried out entirely by hand, to prevent cutting the leaf. The writing was nearly always continuous, and there was no spaces between words. This is one reason the reading of leaves is a skill that requires training along with a grasp of the old languages of Tamil and Sanskrit. After the etching had been completed the application of the lamp black or turmeric was added to boost contrast and make it easier to read and then oil was added to keep them. A bunch of leaves belonging to the same category as the thumbprint or soul grouping was then bind by cords between two covers made of wood.

 Online Nadi Astrology

Explore and discover this ancient technique in Nadi Astrology. Based on Nadi Astrology, the Principle that Nadi Astrology Nadi Astrology, Nadi Astrology is based on the principle that Zodiac can be divided in equal subdivisions of significations with equal subdivisions of the 27 Nakshatras. These Nakshatras are further divided into sub lords that are not equal. In Nadi Astrology the sub-lord is more significant than the Nakshatra as well, and Nakshatra is different from the planet within the same order.


Nadi Astrology is the sole Hindu technique of astrology that is able to predict the future. The palm leaves of Nadi Astrology are utilized to provide precise predictions about all of life’s events. Your present, past, and even the future are all covered in the data collected here. The Nadi records are available only to souls who have been chosen and are not accessible to the remainder of the people of the world. Because they’re destined from the central point, these souls will be bound by the leaf readings by pressure of circumstance or coercion at the right time.


The language written on the palm leaves is a traditional poetry Tamil which only handful of people who have been trained in the art of Nadi reading are able to comprehend. Of all the divisions sirunooi, perunool Thulliam, and sirunool are the most powerful and descriptive when it comes to forecasting the fate of people. The writings were composed by Bhrigu, the holy maharshi who wrote the documents in the form of an exchange between Guru as well as Shishya. It’s more precise and vivid in forecasting the future of people. It provides a clear and precise picture even from the inside aspect. It offers excellent strategies to erase the effects of the previous Birth Karma and for guiding individuals in shaping their destiny.

 Online Nadi Astrology Predictions

Find the most accurate online Nadi Astrology predictions from the ancestors of Siva Guru Swamy who belonged to the Meikandanadhar gothra lineage that originated from Chithambaram close to Vaitheeswarankoil located in Tamil Nadu, India.

Online Live Nadi Astrology Reading

Live Nadi Astrology Reading predictions are conducted by a private Astrologer in your local branch. You will receive a copy your birth chart along with an audio CD with the prediction.

Online Nadi Astrology Reading

Online Nadi Astrology Reading Predictions are made through audio or video calls at the convenience of your home. Once you have completed the call, you will get an audio file of your prediction which will be delivered via email to the address you have provided.

Swift Nai Astrology Reading

The quickest way to receive an estimate for our customers who are busy is to fill in the form below and email it to us for an audio file via email.

What is a Nadi Reading Process ?

The Search, Identification, Transcription and Translation Stages Dialogue Presentation- Divine Conversation

What does it mean if you don’t possess an Nadi Leaf?

The Science of Thumb Prints

The Science of Sounds- Sounds Divine

Prior to this, you had go to India specifically, a tiny “Temple Town” located in the south, to enjoy Nadi. We now make Nadi a Divine Wonder of the World available and accessible to you via your computer, your landline phone or mobile phone. You can search for and find Your Nadi Leaf, have it read and experience massive changes in your destiny anyplace around the globe.

What is the Reading Process?

1 Search Process Stage

thumb-print First, you need to take a picture of your thumb; for females, the left thumb and for males, the right. Based on your thumb impression, the Nadi Reader can then classify your “Nadi bundle” as well as focus in on your specific leaf.

It can be done by sending us an image sent to us by fax, email or through your mobile phone. You will receive a simple guideline when you purchase the Nadi Program. When the Readers are satisfied in the high-quality of the scan, they begin to pick the most suitable leaves. Then, you’ll receive a “Reading leaf identification.

Identification Stage:Through Skype, Email or Telephone

IdentificationThe reading part in NadiThe Nadi procedure is both an Identification as well as the translation stage. It is important to note that the Nadi Readers are located in India and you’ll most likely encounter this via Skype. If someone wishes to travel to India to experience an in-person reading this can be accomplished as well. There is no distinction whatsoever. It’s the choice of your personal preference and your convenience. This is a crucial phase because it determines the leaf you are. This phase is crucial as the Nadi Reader looks for key elements that match, such as the sound of your name as well as their names, as well as confirmation of certain astrological aspects when you were born. A Nadi reader may ask you a variety of questions. Your responses must be either Yes or No. It is not appropriate to answer, for instance, whether that you’ve got three brothers? there are four brothers in my family. Don’t claim that. Also, you shouldn’t declare that you do not have a brother. Never ever volunteer any information. Just offer “yes” or “no”. “Yes” or “no” and that’s all you need to do. The identification stage that you have completed in the Nadi Reading is over once your leaf is identified by using keys and the next step is to begin with the translation process.

Transcription Stage

Skype-and-callAfter your “Index Leaf” is identified, the Nadi Reader goes through the data that is organized into chapters or sections that relate to different aspects in your daily life. The reader first has to translate the old prosaic Tamil in the leaf into modern Tamil before he is able to translate all the information into the form of a “Book of Poetry”.

Translation Stage: Via Skype or Phone

TranscriptionYou will be scheduled for the translation via the phone or skype. A Nadi Reader and a translator will explain in detail of the words that are written in the book of poetry as well as The Nadi Reader speaking in modern day Tamil and the translator will speak at you in English. This is the stage that is commonly called the Nadi “Reading”. It is possible to ask questions and receive clarification during this stage. The Reading comes with The Remedy Prescription (Please take note that the cost for remedy performance are not part of this Nadi Essential Package)

This portion of your Reading can be recorded. It will then be accessible to you through your AstroVed order log , in MP3 format.

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