Nadi History

Nadi History

  Nadi Astrology (Nadi Jyothidam) is a type of Dharma astrology used by the people of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and adjacent regions of India. The story of early Nadi astrology was born in the centuries years ago. There were powerful Sages or Rishis who were studying the future of everyone living on the planet. These predictions were recorded in Palm Leaves as Nadi josiyam in an a specific script. the leaves were used to forecast the future of future of the people from Nadi Astrologers.
Nadi History
Nadi History
The ancient Rishis of India utilized their brains and discovered numerous arts and science to help the wellbeing of the future generations of humanity. There are many branches of Astrology which include Horoscopy., i.e. reading and casting horoscopes built on the location of planets during the birth date for an individual as well as the movement of the planets throughout the Zodiac. It is a highly developed science, as demonstrated by old texts such as Brihatsamhita, Jathaka, Paarijatha and others. The Maharajah Serfoji II of Tanjore, who was a prominent patron for the arts and sciences, tucked away the leaves in his library in the palace to ensure they were in the near future. The British took these leaves from their time in the kingdom, and later sold them to a few Indian families, which continue to keep the leaves. They carefully care for them and continue to instruct those who read the leaves to ensure that people can still benefit from the wisdom of these Siddhas, also called Naadi family. These Siddhas are now considered to be Nadi family. They are Nadi users N.A.Siva Guru Swamy works within this area in the vicinity of Vaitheeswaran Koil and belongs to one of the most prestigious families of Nadis. In the 12th century, these leaves were discovered in the vicinity that is now South India ancient Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu. The Nayanar community that found the leaves recognized their significance and created exactly copies. They have been the guardians of the Nadi Leaves since the time of discovery. Also, they are the sole group of people who have been taught for generations in the art of reading leaves and interpret them to come up with predictions. Additionally, they are the only ones with access to Nadi leaves, and are still adhering to this form of the oldest nadi theology. Astrologers of the later era who were fascinated by the knowledge related to nadi astrology , they obtained the leaves from libraries. It is believed that these palm leaves were made of animal skins, and some leaves later text was copied onto palm leaves. They were also preserved through the application of peacock’s blood-derived oil. The main center for Nadi Astrology is situated in the Vaitheeswaran oil situated in South India. The great benefit of Nadi Jyothidam helps you understand the relationship between your prior birth to the present. A different, more valuable benefit of Nadi gives you the precise methods to alter the residual Karma of the previous birth. Your past can really come back to bring you down. The Rishis did not just write the soul’s path in the Nadi Leaf, they they also gave you a list of’solutions or ‘course corrections’ to help you get back on the right track. You can actually rectify and make corrections to past mistakes. This is the story of authentic Indian Astrology.  


  It is Naadi Astrology written by some of the most enlightened mystic scholars from the distant times for the benefit of their descendants. It is true … it is the heritage that humanity has gained through its predecessors. In a bid to ensure the wellbeing of the human race and the next generation and the future, they made the records of individualsby putting in their entire lives to make our lives easier in the present and amid all difficulties. Maybe, this was the effort they made to protect “Dharma” during this time of Kaliyuga. They also wanted to assist humanity to get back on track through the spiritual wisdom. They are an esoteric group of the ancient siddhas, and are not yet recognized to the rest of the world. They were awed by their devotional prayers and dedication to God, Lord Shiva gave them unique abilities. This is known as the sixth sense, which is an extra sensory perception. Through this amazing The clairvoyance they acquired from the Lord Shiva and created your personal records on palm leaves that are connected to your past as well as your present, and future.Their unsurpassed knowledge is being shared in order to help keep your lives on the top of your game.  


  In the distant past, saints utilized palm leaves to create important records of the advancement and growth of the future generations. These Naadi documents are also integral part of the wealth of different subjects, including Ayurveda, Siddha, Varma, Astronomy, Astrology etc.The records of palm leaves preserved here include your present, past and the future. These records aren’t available to all the people of the earth and is only available to souls that are destined. The souls who are destined to be destined are attracted by the leaves through force of circumstance or by compulsion or intuition when they are in the right moment, and have been being destined to this place from the central. The script on these palm leaves is old poetic Tamil and is understandable for a small percentage of people proficient in the art of reading naadi. In all divisions, the Maha Siva SukshmaNaadi is the most important and it’s more descriptive in predicting future of people. It was composed by a saint, who wrote the texts as an exchange with the Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvathi the supreme deities. It is more precise and clear in predicting the future of people. It provides a clear image even from the most inner part of individuals. It offers excellent methods and ways to eliminate the impact of the past birth Karma and guides people to effectively shape their future. The solutions suggested from Maha Siva SukshmaNaadi will be much more effective in helping to alleviate problems and limit the intensity of crisis. By taking a simple thumb print the astrologer is able to determine the palm of your hand. The records contain your destiny, your previous versions of yourself, and even future versions, if you’re bound to receive the records of this center.  


  A town of temples called Vaithiswarankoil is located within Tamilnadu is the center for the Naadi tradition. It is surrounded by many temples that are of great significance. The whole village is echoed by the wisdom of this long-standing tradition. Lord Shiva ensures the authenticity of the predictions . explained by these ancient palm leaves.  
  Nadi Jodhidam (Jotish) is written written in Sanskrit in palm leaves of the famous Rishis from ancient India including Bhrigu, Agasthiya, Kaushika,Vashishtha and others. It is more well-known across South India. His Highness Sri. Venkoji Maharaja, a descendant of Sivaji Maharaja created his Maratha ruling in Tamilnadu in 1676. They had Tanjore as their headquarters. The control was taken from the Britishers in 1798, a year after the Marathas during the time that Robert Clive was the Governor of the Madras Presidency. The Marathas under their rule were the true patrons of Arts and Sciences and Medicine, Vedas, Astrology etc. The most important works of the old India were kept in the SaraswatiMahal Library in Tanjore and was maintained by the Marathas. In the time of Sarabhoji, the great king Maharaja and his family, the Sanskrit works, which included those that dealt with Naadi Astrology were translated into the old poetry Tamil Language and written on palm leaves, and then kept in the SaraswathiMahal Library. In the same time even though all of North India was under the Mohammediyans’ control however, the Marathas were able to control it. to keep all of these amazing works within the SaraswathiMahal Library. So Naadi Astrology can be regarded as a declaration of appreciation for the Great Marathas for their existence in the present.

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