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Vaitheeswaran koil nadi astrology

Nadi astrology , also known as Vaitheeswaran koil nadi astrology or nadi jothidam is a type of hindu astrology practised in and around Vaitheeswaran temple olaichuvadi. It is one of the science controls in human future prediction, also known as the power of Extra Sensory Perceptions, and most people choose nadi astrologers based on Vaitheeswaran koil nadi jothidam review.Lord Shiva ensures the veracity of the forecasts provided by these ancient palmleaves. It refers to all people’s previous, present, and future existences as predicted by Hindu sages in antiquity.

Only the ancient sages are the most accurate and genuine nadi astrologers in Vaitheeswaran koil at predicting human authorization based on date of birthinterplanetary positions, and Zodiac signs.  Alternate controls include palmistry, numerology and nadi reading.  All of these are set to be original nadi jothidam from ancient history.

There are so many nadi astrologer available in and around Vaitheeswaran temple but very few are famous nadi astrologers in Vaitheeswarankoil.Among folks of nadi astrologers in and around the temple the best nadijothidham in vaitheeswarankoil are few like Siva nadi astrology vaitheeswaran and Agathiyar nadi jothidam The most important aspect of palm leaf astrology is predicting our future based on our native.  In Tamil, it is known as Olai Chuvudi Jothidam, especially in Vaitheeswaran koil. Predictions for the past, present, and future are carved on palm leaves. These Nadi leaves were previously housed at the Tanjore Saraswati Mahal Library in Tamil Nadu. During the British occupation, only a few leaves were destroyed, and the rest were auctioned off. Those Nadi leaves were acquired and possessed by the families of astrologers at Vaitheeswaran Koil, and they have been transformed over time from one generation tothe next.

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In outer space there are nine planets circling.  As they pondered cosmic rays dispersed in various directions.  These cosmic rays have an impact on the souls who remain on Earth.

Astrology is a discourse that reveals the type of effect, i.e., benefits and drawbacks, or in other words the positive and negative effects generated bycosmic rays, and instructs humans on their journey through life. Astrology is thus referred to be holy science.The dissertation titled Astrology explains and unveils the past, present, andfuture divine secrets of life experienced by living creatures, offers explanationsregarding the divine secrets of life, and guides men in their path through life based on the good and bad deeds done in previous births. After thorough analysis our well experienced and genuine nadi astrologer in vaitheeswarankoil can deliver high level accurate interpretations, very appropriate solutions, and Pariharas.  Nadi reading provides foresight services to business and individuals.The original Nadi jyothidam treatise has been made into Tamil language poetry.  The process of selecting the specific original olaichuvadi (palm leaf) relating to an individual is time consuming and can take up to 3 hours at times. Customers would be lucky if they could get it within 5 or 6 olai chuvadi. Every leaf pertaining to a person would contain facts about that person, such as his and his wife’s names, his parents’ names, the number of siblings, the order of his birth father had married twice, and other such definite facts. These are known as Sakshis or witnesses.  When reading from the Vaitheeswaran koil olaichuvadi nadi jothidam, the customer should accept or deny the facts.  However, astrologer should not reveal the truth too soon.In many cases, the individual does not receive their palm leaf (olaichuvadi).

It means that the time for us to learn about their future hasn’t arrived. We receive new bunches from our Head Office on a regular basis, so those who did not receive their Naadi in previous attempts may do so again. However, nadi astrologer do not any charges if the customer does not find his or her palm leaf regardless of how much time we spend tracing it out.


Nadi jyothidam (nadi astrology) is a type of Dharma astrology practised in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and other parts of India.The history of ancient Nadi astrology dates back centuries; there were great Sages or Rishis who had the vision to see into the future of anyone on the planet. These foresights were written on Palm Leaves as Nadi josiyam in a specificscript and theseleaves are now used by Nadi Astrologers to predict people’s future.The ancient Indian Rishis applied their minds and discovered many arts and sciences for the benefit of future generations of humanity. Astrology is one of the sciences.Horoscopy, which is the casting and reading of horoscopes based on the positions of planets at the time of an individual’s birth and the movements of the plants across the Zodiac, is one of the branches of astrology.This is a well- this is well developed science as evidenced by ancient texts such as the Brihatsamhita, Jathaka, and Paarijatha.The Maharaj Serfoji II of Tanjore a great patron of the arts and sciences, kept these leaves in his palace library so that they could be accessed in the future.During their reign, the British retrieved these leaves and sold them to someIndian families, who still have them.  These families carefully maintain them and,continue to train people in proper nadi leaf reading so that people can still benefit from the ancient advice of these Siddhas, also known as the Naadi Family.Later, astrologers who were particularly interested in nadi astrology obtained the leaves from the library. It appears that these palm leaves were originally written on animal skins, andthat some of the texts were later copied on palm leaves.These sources were also kept alive by using oil derived from peacock blood. Vaitheeswaran koil in South India is the primary centre for Nadi Jothidam.A significant benefit of the Nadi jyothidam is that it helps you understand theconnection between your previous birth and your current life. Another, even greater value of Nadi is that it reveals the precise methods for transforming the residual karma residual karma of a previous birth.


The village is well known throughout the world for Vaitheeswaran koil nadi astrology One of the main attractions is Vaitheeswaran koil nadi jothidam (reading of ancient Palm leaf manuscripts). Palm Leaf is known as Olai Chuvadi’ in Tamil.

Olai Chuvadi Jothidam
Olai Chuvadi Jothidam


Nadi Jothidam tells you the truth about your past, present, and future lives. It is believed that ancient Indian mystics had profound insights into life on Earth and the Universe.Through their divine pursuits, these mystics realised that souls and spirits, like any other form of energy cannot be destroyed or created; instead, they transform.  Physically, as human you can have many births through the transformation process, but your spirit remains the same. The imprints of previous births are carried by a spirit. And the mystics were able to decipher thosesymbols.

Nadi’s foresight is even referred to as the “eighth wonder”.  They are extremely precise and accurate nadi astrology.  According to accurate Nadi Astrology you are a system born from cosmos energies that keeps being born on Earth and each time you are born, you carry the baggage of your karma.  It reveals how your karmic impressions manifested in each of your lives on Earth and how they may continue to affect you in the future.


Finding this specific palm leaf is a time consuming and laborious process.  The reason for this is that the reader must read one statement from the first leaf and if it is declared by the native, he must read the second statement to confirm its veracity. If this statement is not true for the native, the reader should prefer to search leaf after leaf, bundle after bundle to find the one leaf on which all of the native’s details are correctly displayed.

To facilitate this development, the native must give his full cooperation, whichthat the Nadi astrologer must listen carefully and respond correctly.Nadi Jothidam is a traditional method for divining the past, present, and future. The origins of Nadi astrology can be traced back to Vaitheeswaran Koil, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Tamil Nadu (India). Nadi shastra, Nadi Josiyam, Vaitheeswaran koil Nadi Jothiam online, and Nadi Jyothisham are all in their fourth generation.   Technology has extended the hands for needy, who want vaitheeswaran koil nadi jothidam online consultation from a renowned nadi astrologers.

Pooja Benefits:

  • It has been proven to cure all kinds of Skin Disease.
  • You will be blessed by a good marriage.(Cured sevvai Thosham)
  • Are blessed with health and wealth as well as not be in need of money.
  • The problem is cured.
  • Be blessed by victory

Festivals and vaitheeswaran Koil Timings

Skandha Shashti :

Occurs in the Aippasi. The festival celebration of triumph of Lord muruga over the demon surapadma.


It is also known”Aandal” as “Aandal Jayanti” is a major festival for Tamilians. The festival honors goddess Andal who is the embodiment of Goodess Lakshmi. At the time of the festival, priests present glass Bangles to goddess Andal and then distribute them to all devotees.


The festival is one of light that is observed during the Tamil month of Karthigai. According to legends that Lord Muruga the light of the gods of Lord Shiva assumed his form during the month of Karthigai. On the same day, all his six faces were joined through parvati. In this manner there were six faces for him.

Panguni Uthram:

The celebration is held during the “Panguni” (March-April). It also marks the day of wedding for Lord shiva as well as parvati, Devasana and Murugan, Andal and Ranganathan and as well as ram and sita. The devotees of Lord Muruga are able to puncture their bodies with spikes and needles to show their dedication to Lord Muruga. Lord.


Temple Timings:

Morning Darshan – 6.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Evening Darshan – 4.00 PM to 8.30 PM

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