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What you need to know about nadi astrology in India

Today the entire world turns to Asia and especially India for spiritual growth and the knowledge of our ancient forefathers. Within the Indian sub-continent there are many schools which propagate the betterment of humanity. The other reason why the world looks up to India is the ability of different schools of astrology which are not only able to tell the future of the person but can also provide remedies for any negative elements that can cause harm and grief. There are many schools of astrology in India, but one school that stands above the rest is nadi astrology in India. This school of astrology has its origin in the southern part of the country and in the past few years has gained popularity not just in India but all parts of the world. Where the western advanced countries like UK, USA, Germany etc. have turned to nadi astrologers in India, the not so developed Asian and African countries also are doing the same. There are many nadi astrology centres in India and they in turn have adopted modern methods fusing them with ancient knowledge and creating a system which can benefit mankind in general.

Modernisation of an ancient science

Like most other popular streams of astrology, even astrologers practising nadi shastra in India have started adopting modern means to spread the goodness of this science. Even the astrologers who have received this knowledge through generations have become modernised. They have started using the internet to propagate their business and also in providing their services to a vast clientele across the world. It is true that while practising nadi astrology, the client needs to provide his or her thumb print so that the nadi astrologer  can find the palm leaves on which the past, present and future of the concerned person is written. The modernised astrologers practising nadi jyotish in India require the client to simply make a thumb impression on a sheet of paper and then click a picture of the imprint. This picture can be sent to the astrologer in the form of a phone picture.

Uniqueness of nadi astrology in india

The concept of nadi astrology is based on the belief that the past, present and future of any individual can be deciphered based on the text written on palm leaves. It is said that the ancient sages and rishis of India, recorded the past, present and future of all human beings on tree barks and palm leaves. These sages and rishis could through their divine wisdom, see the lives of the client in totality. In fact if you go to an authentic Nadi Kendra in India, you will be able to learn about your past lives also. In fact remedial measures can be taken to protect you from the negative effects of the past lives as well. Of course according to Hindu beliefs your present life karma is responsible for how you can shape your future not just in this life span, but also in the coming lives. This aspect of nadi jothidam in India is what makes nadi astrology unique. Very few schools of astrology practised not only in India but around the world provide such a complete and accurate solution to your problems in the current life.

The basic concept of nadi astrology in india

Although the so called advanced human beings all over the world scoff at the concept of reincarnation and other Indian beliefs, but the practitioners of nadi jyotish can answer all such non-believers by a simple reading of the palm leaves. As mentioned above, the ancient sages and rishis of India were long ago granted a boon due to their penance, that they would be able to look into the past, present and future of every human being who is either alive, dead or even not yet born. These  sages in a gesture to benefit all humanity for centuries recorded this information on palm leaves and barks of trees. These scripts were passed down from generation to generation and is being used even today to benefit the people who seek to improve their lives and those of their loved ones.

The history of the Nadi Astrology In India

The nadi palm scriptures are written in ancient Tamil and they were classified about a thousand years ago, during the reign of the Chola dynasty in India. Nadi in Tamil means – in search of – which means that the person opting for this form of astrology is in search of his destiny and his journey from one life to the other. The nadis are named after the rishis who wrote them. They are Sukanadi, Kaushikanadi, Brahma nadi and Agasthiyanadi. As legend has it, that these palm leaf texts were scattered across different parts of India and the first findings were in Tamil Nadu. Some enterprising individuals picked up this ancient knowledge and with their personal effort and divine links they were able to decipher the method to read these scriptures.

What you need to bear in mind

It is not easy to read the nadi because they are written in ancient Tamil which in the modern times only a handful of nadi astrologers can read and understand. Furthermore the text is in poetic form and only linguists who have studied this ancient and unique form of astrology are able to read the nadis. This is the reason that you cannot easily find authentic nadi josiyam in India. In the modern times there are many unscrupulous elements who on seeing the popularity of nadi jyotish have started posing as astrologers. This is the reason why you need to conduct a thorough research to gauge whether the people posing as nadi astrologers in so called nadi josiyam centres in India are genuine or not.

In the modern age of information explosion it is simple to find out about the authenticity of the nadi jyothisham centre in India. Most modern nadi astrologers have a strong internet presence and their websites publish reviews of their earlier client .Also consider the nadi astrology fees in India and elsewhere which should not be too high or too low. This way you can easily find out how you can improve your life.