What is Nadi Astrology Centre ?

Vaitheeswaran koil nadi astrology

Nadi Astrology is an ancient super-science that illuminates your soul’s path and assists you in comprehending your past, present, and future. Nadi, also known as Nadi Jyotish, is the Science of Thumbprints and Sounds. As divine forecasts, India’s great sages have carved our fates on palm leaves. Their foresight into the future revealed the challenges they would face in current times. These evolved and accelerated creatures wished to give mankind the chance to discover and modify their destinies and grow their souls out of their tremendous love for humanity. The soul stories they witnessed were recorded. This mystical science, passed down from our forefathers, not only provides prophecies, but also treatments for dissolving karma and re-directing one’s life in the proper path. In simple words, Nadi astrology is an ancient form of astrology in which highly educated Nadi astrologers who have the knowledge of shastra to do the Nadi predictions about people by their date of birth and Zodiac sing. Nadi astrologer is a person who analyzes multiple facts about the person and tells them a glimpse of their future and to meet famous and knowledgeable astrologers millions of people visit the Vaitheesawaran Koil temple daily.

The procedure of Nadi reading

The procedure of Nadi reading begins with a thumb imprint, which is taken with the right thumb for men and the left thumb for women. Nadi Astrology foretells everything about your family, as well as forthcoming vicissitudes, which may be resolved by consulting therapeutic remedies based on the old palm leaves. The thumb impression of individuals requesting his Nadi leaf is taken by the Nadi Astrologer. He then begins the process of looking for the palm leaf, which he subsequently uses to make predictions for them. Thumbprint must be consistent with the other probable palm leaves from the other manuscripts. Nadi Readers usually have a collection of these palm inscriptions, which circulate. He starts the procedure with each leaf and asks the person a series of questions about his life in order to determine the proper palm leaf. Finding a Nadi astrology palm leaf might take anything from a few minutes to many hours. When all of the details match the information on the leaf, the Nadi reader believes the leaf to be theirs and begins forecasting about their history, present, and future.

There are lots of Nadi astrology centers in India for Nadi reading but the most famous place is the Vaitheesawaran  Koil temple for Nadi Josiyam, almost in every state you will find a Nadi center. Nadi josiyam centers use birthday charts for their customers to predict their future. Nowadays Nadi kendras are also available online where people get the services online with the click of a finger, Nadi Kendra has knowledgeable Gurujis who do the predictions by reading the content written on the palm leaves which is also called Nadi jothidam.

What are the Nadi jothidam fees?

The Nadi jothidam fees is not fixed, different Nadi Jothidam centers charge different fees . It starts from a hundred end with five thousand and more , the astrologers who have huge experience in Nadi josiyam charge more Nadi astrology fees than the new astrologers. The online Nadi astrology fees are high them the face-to-face one which people do in temples.

All about Nadi shastra

The Nadi Shastra, which is a kind of Dharma astrology, has been practiced in a century for millennia. The Dharma sages, according to the Nadi Shastra, foresaw the past, present, and future of all humanity. Nadi Shastra was founded on the notion that an ancient priest named  Agathiyar Nadi had not only foreseen but also written and preserved information about your past, present, and future existence on palm leaves more than 4000 years ago. It has changed with time and is now practiced in south India and the surrounding areas. is said to have possessed a highly developed consciousness, which contributed to the development of Nadi astrology

At first, the Nadi leaves were kept in Thanjavur. During the British Raj, however, the invaders intervened, and some of the leaves were burned, while others were auctioned. However, as time passed in the Nadi shastra center-Vaitheeswaran Temple, these Nadi leaves were accepted by the astrologers’ families.

Who are Navagrahas and Siddars?

As a person, it is thought that you are ruled by the nine planets, or Navagrahas, regardless of your nation, caste, creed, or religion. The Navagrahas, who are known as the universe’s public workers, have always been honest in their responsibilities and may have an effect on not just one individual, but a whole community based on good and bad Karma. If you’ve always been a healthy person who never gets sick, it might be because you did a lot of good actions in your past life, according to the Nadi Shastra. Karma is in charge of your birth, death, reincarnation, and moksha. Paapams are difficult to dilute, but Punyas may be expended quickly, according to it. Bad or negative ideas are also termed Paapams, thus you should constantly have nice, optimistic thoughts. Because the God Brahma, who chooses what should be provided to you (together with when and where), is unable to be there for you directly, he created 84,000 Siddars to act as channels for him. Another set of government employees possess supernatural talents and present them through the Nadi Shastra. Agartha, the Siddars’ leader, picks Jeeva Karunyam, which means “do not injure any living creature.” Gnana, or absolute self-knowledge, is what he desires for all of them.

What is the meaning of Nadi in astrology?

Nadi in astrology refers to the pulse or nerve energy that affects physiological and, to some degree, genetic characteristics within the body. There are three Nadi s in Ashtakoota, according to Vedic Astrology: ‘Adi’ for Wind, ‘Madhya’ for Bile, and ‘Antya’ for Phlegm. The three Nadis have been evenly split from the 27 Nakshatra. To study Nadi astrologers use a patra which is called Nadi patra, in Nadi patra astrologers see the zodiac Singh of the individual snd tell them if they have any Dosh in their Nadi which is called Nadi dosh.

There are lots of Nadi astrology centers in India for Nadi reading but the most famous place is the Vaitheesawaran Koil temple for Nadi Josiyam, almost in every state you will find a Nadi center.


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