What is the role of Nadi ?

It tells the fate of man as well as his present, past and future through the thumb impression. In addition, extensive details of one’s life are revealed from the palm. The predictions were written in Tamil and are known as Nadi Granthas.

How precise is Nadi Astrology ?

Nadi Astrology gives details about one’s past in a very accurate manner including personal information, but it is not accurate about the future events. … Rishis who wrote on Nadi leaves are believed to for having visions of the person’s life in depth ’til the person comes across an nadi leaf reader and has his present and past as well as future decoded’.

What can you do to predict the condition of palm leaves ? Do you know the basics of this method ?

Origins of Palm leaves can be traced back to a couple of thousand years in the past. Sometime during the British rule, the British were especially eager to acquire these kinds of leaves from the past, which contain herbal remedies alchemy, various potion types, Kalyakalpa to extend lifespan and a variety of varieties of fortune-telling, to just several. In these basic principles of modern science are described. But, British were eager to learn all of these, but they also left Astrological leaves to their loyalists. The members of a certain community that were expert in Astrology took the leaves and created Naadi reading their main source of income. In terms of authenticity is concerned, many clients have greatly benefitted from our astrological science.

Can you guess anything beyond what’s recorded on Palm Leaves ?

To be clear, as ‘Naadi readers’ we only read the text on the leaves for our customers and explain it to them. We do not add anything to these predictions. However, occasionally we are required to talk those who are upset with the knowledge of some unpopular facts. However, we do suggest corrective actions to take to beat them. These measures to correct the problem are printed on palm leaves.


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