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The ancient science of Sivanadi astrology in Pune

Pune has always been considered as a cosmopolitan city which also is now a major IT hub. The result of the IT boom is that people from all over the country have made this city their home in order to enhance their careers. This has lent an even more diverse flavor to the city of Pune. The IT boom has also resulted in the availability of modern amenities and comforts. However all amenities and facilities are available at a reasonable cost due to which more and more people are being attracted to this city. 

Requirement of the modern civilization in Pune

Where the city of Pune has provided its citizens with the boon of IT technology, at the same time, there has been a breakdown of the social fabric. Many youngsters find themselves living alone without the support of their families. Even the individuals living with their families are faced with cut throat competition in the professional field. This has led to many lifestyle ailments like hypertension, depression, diabetes etc. In such a scenario knowledge of the future becomes a major support for the individuals who are struggling to succeed in the environment of high professional expectations and tough competition. This is the reason that Sivanadi Astrology in Pune has become very popular. The Sivanadi astrology centre in Pune is run with the help of modern technology while being managed by the traditional family in Tamil Nadu which has been operative since the last more than thousand years.

Why Sivanadi astrology is a boon

The modern day upwardly mobile people and families have realised the importance and benefits of the ancient sciences of India like astrology, palmistry etc. Due to the popularity of these sciences many fake astrologers have set up shop in the happening cities like Pune. They simply rob people of their hard earned money which is why the people develop a distrust for most professionals. However, the well known sciences like Sivanadi shastra in Pune come to the rescue in this tough scenario. The knowledge of Sivanadi jyotish in Pune is held by a fourth generation family of astrologers in Tamil Nadu. 

The origins of Sivanadi astrology

The origins of this science go back to the era of the Chola dynasty of South India. During this era a Brahmin priest in South India saw the rishi Agastya in a dream. This holy sage urged the Brahmin to go to a palace where the palm leaf inscriptions of Sivanadi astrology as the Mughal forces not knowing their importance were trying to destroy these leaves. The Brahmin was able to find the leaves and went on to practice the science. The sage Agastya blessed him with a boon of prosperity and well being for him and his future generations who have chosen to practice Sivanadi josiyam in Pune and elsewhere. The main Sivanadi jothidam in Pune and in Tamil Nadu is run by the descendants of this very Brahmin. This family has maintained the genuineness of their practice and has provided help to people in not only India but citizens of around 86 countries around the world. 

Sivanadi astrology is trustworthy

The best part of Sivanadi astrology is that the palm leaf inscriptions carrying information of the past, present and future of all human beings are written in ancient Tamil in the form of poetry. Very few people in the modern times are able to read these leaves and decipher their meaning. This is the reason that most of the fake astrologers and charlatans are unable to read these leaves. Only genuine Sivanadi Kendra in Pune are able to read them and they provide benefits to people at a very reasonable Sivanadi astrology fees in Pune. Hence people who want to know their future and how to improve it only have to look for Sivanadi jyothisham centre in Pune.


Who is the most famous Astrologer from Pune ?

A.Siva Guru Swamy among the most prominent astrologers of Pune who specialize in Vedic gemstones and astrology. He is well-known and not just in his home town of Pune but also around the world. He blends modern science such as aura scanning with ancient writings in his practices. 

Does Nadi Astrology works?

Nadi Astrology provides details about the past with accuracy, including personal information, but it is not reliable about the future. Rishis who wrote on Nadi leaves were believed to as having visions of an individual in great detail up to the point the person reaches the nadi leaf reader and has his present and past as well as future decoded. 

What is the process by which nadi Dosha created ?

Nadi Dosh gets formed by comparing Nadis to those natives. However, the general calculation is very different in this instance. For male natives The position of the ascendant in Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra can add air to his constitution because Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra is part of Aadi Nadi 

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