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Sivanadi astrology in Hyderabad

Today the world has truly become a global village and this has caused the meeting of east and west. Nowadays geographical distance and political boundaries are no longer a hindrance for the contact between people of different countries. The eastern knowledge of spiritual fields is becoming popular in the western countries. This is especially true of Indian sciences like astrology and palmistry. Earlier most so called educated people –even within the country – scoffed at these sciences. But times have changed and not just Indians but citizens of countries around the world are turning to the ancient wisdom of the oldest civilisation of the world which is India. 

 What is Sivanadi astrology in Hyderabad ?

Sivanadi astrology is an ancient science which dates back to the dwapar Yuga and has become popular in advanced cities like Hyderabad and elsewhere. In this era the learned and powerful rishis or sages of India realised that human suffering was due to the karma that an individual had created. This is why they used their powers and documented the past, present and future of all humans on palm leaves. They were able to see this information for the people who had died, who were born and who were yet to be born. The best part of the Siivanadi astrology in Hyderabad is that the palm leaves have been written in ancient Tamil in poetic form. This is the reason that only learned astrologers of the Sivanadi Kendra in Hyderabad are able to read and decipher the inscriptions on the palm leaves.

Popularity of Sivanadi astrology in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a bustling and fast developing city in the South of India. It is well known for its IT sector which has boomed in the past few years. This booming sector has seen the influx of people from all over the country into this city. Most of these individuals are youngsters who are attracted as they see an opportunity to embark on a developing career path. These people have to work hard due to the tough competition and this leads to stress. Then again the people who are living away from their families face the problem of loneliness. This has an impact on their physical and mental health. These problems are best solved by the ancient sciences like Sivanadi josiyam in Hyderabad. This is the reason that not just youngsters but older people who are facing challenges in life are turning towards Sivanadi astrology centre in Hyderabad.

How Sivanadi astrology can help in Hyderabad

The best part of Sivanadijyothidam in Hyderabad is that it does not just tell the past and present of the individual and predict their future, but also provide the solution for the expected problems in the future. As mentioned above only astrologers who have studied the science thoroughly can read the palm leaves. This is why the fake and unscrupulous elements cannot pose as Sivanadi astrologers. The other reason is that the genuine astrologers practising Sivanadishastra in Hyderabad can also tell your past. In fact they can also tell the names of your parents and grandparents and can narrate to you the past occurrences which only a learned astrologer practising Sivanadijyotish in Hyderabad can. 

Sivanadi astrology fees in Hyderabad 

Sivanadi astrology fees in Hyderabad is nominal compared to the benefits. At the same time, the remedies are simple poojas and hawans which are also affordable. This is also the reason of the popularity of the SivanadiJyothisham centre in Hyderabad.

What’s Siva Nadi in Hyderabad ?

Interestingly, there’s a form of Nadi known as the Siva Nadi which is in the form of discourses between Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. Well known saint Kakabusanda sang verses to his convert Gorakhnath about the fate and fortune of humanity. This form of Nadi is known as Kakabusanda Nadi.

What’s Kandam reading ?

At the end of the original nadi reading, the general chapter is located.. It contains name, parents’ name, profession, details of siblings, woman and children. This chapter gives an original prognostications for all the twelve houses of the horoscope.

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