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Agathiyar Nadi Jothidam


 Agathiyar Nadi jothidam is such an ancient Nadi reading center operating for more than 30 years. It was founded in 1987 by the founder and Guruji  Siva guru Swamy who is the founder of Nadi Jothida Nilayam. He was very passionate about Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, and Jeeva Naadi reading.

Agathiyar Nadi astrology is a very old kind of astrology that originated in southern India and the surrounding regions. It is a long-held notion that the text written on Plam leaves can reveal information about humanity’s past, present, and future. Simply put – It is an ancient method to record data, to record the data they use the language called Olai Chuvadi especially in Vaitheeswaran Koil. Some scholars believe the information written on the palm leaves is the “Shiva Nadi josiyam,” a discourse between Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva. Vaitheesawaran Koil Nadi astrology. The shastra/astrology information written by Saga Siva Vakkiyar is named Shiva Nadi Astrology. All this thing is related to Lord Shiva, there is the oldest and huge temple of Lord Shiva in India named Vaitheeswaran Koil. Customers from worldwide come here to know their future, past. They get customers from 86 countries currently. There are the best Nadi astrologers in Vaitheesawaran Koil who do the prediction of humans authorization by their date of birth and their Zodiac sign.



Agathiyar Nadi jothidam centers near me

 The Agathiyar jothidam center are all over India, we identified peoples are curious to know about the locations of Agathiyar Nadi Jothidam center in our country, some of the following are listed below –

Nadi Jothida Nilayam

There are lots of online platforms also from where we can get online Nadi astrology. For Agathiyar  Nadi jothidam online we can download the app in which with just a print of thump you can get to know about your future, we can also get connected to Agathiyar Nadi jothidam Nilayam through their email contacts and by texting them on their websites. There are lots of websites available on the internet for connecting  Nadi astrologers online. Agathiyar Nadi jothidam online is the easiest and fastest way to get connecting them and to do astrology, to get online Nadi astrology you just need to contact them tell them about your past and present.

History of Agathiyar Nadi Astrology

The history of Agathiyar Nadi astrology originated centuries of years ago, there was a time when there were great sages or Rishis who have the power to see humans’ future and past just with their vision, they used to read the content written on palm leaves as Nadi Josiyam. The history of Nadi astrology is connected to Lord Shiva who has prophesied the life of every living being million years ago. The language used to record the Nadi prediction is ancient or old poetic which is called Olai Chuvadi jothidam Tamil language, the saints were masters in Ayurveda or Herbal medicine, science, mathematics, or self-defense art, would not it be mind-blogging to know that vaitheeswaran Koil  in India has the passion of to record persons past and future. Can you believe that just with the press of your thumb someone will do a prediction about the past and future, in this prediction they will tell you about your father, mother, or your spouse’s name?  Some may call this knowledge divination, some call it black magic but it is true, the truth that is hard to believe but it really exists.


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