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Siva Nadi  and Agasthya Nadi   

We would like to warmly welcome everyone guests to Agasthiya Sukshma Nadi Jothidam. It is the renowned Director of the Guruji, A.Siva Guru Swamy. Agasthiya Sukshma Nadi Jyothidam offers for over 50 years of expertise as an astrologer to help couples with marriage and Romance, Career love, money family, Offspring education, pleasure, financial health, wealth, health and horoscope consultation service. Our center at Vaitheeswaran kovil is the most well-known Nadi Astrology and Agasthiyar Nadi Jothidam centers across the globe. We are extremely pleased and feel immense pride in declaring that we are one of the most renowned Nadi Astrological centers in the world and is recognized across the globe. We are now in the fourth generation on the journey of providing this service we offer to our customers all over the world. We provide this service through our ascendants.

Vaitheeswaran Koil Best and Genuine Nadi Astrology​
Vaitheeswaran Koil Best and Genuine Nadi Astrology​

In the past it was believed that Earth was made by Sri Brahma the planetary God of Knowledge who is the higher consciousness of each human being. the entire universe is governed by three cosmic gods who are energetic and powerful including The Trimurti(Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh).

Nadi Astrology may also known in the form of “nadi jyotisa” which is an expression of Dharma astrology that is practiced across a variety of regions of India. It is based by the belief that the present, past and the future of human beings in general could be predicted by Dharma elders during the past.

This wisdom from Nadi Astrology is regarded as being one of the most genuine methods of predicting the future of a person’s sole. A large number of people have been blessed by this system of astrology across the world and received the best assistance for crucial decision-making situations. The future of every human being’s hopes have been placed in the palm leaves , and then been read by all four generations within our own family. It is a perfect fit for diverse nations across the globe. Because Internet is among the most efficient ways for communication between people, we’ve begun offering online Nadi Astrology system. “Nadi” is the key concept behind Nadi Astrology. A sign or Rashi includes 150 Nadi’s. one sign is referred to as 30 degrees in the zodiac’s 360. Twelve zodiac signs are divided into three classes which include Fixed, Movable and Dual signs.

The whole thing started with Guruji S. Vaithyanadan, the great grandfather, and S. V. Vertrivalle the son of his who gave predictions from Sivanadi. Through the years the preservation of the holy palm leaf scripts which the present, past and future life events have been recorded became difficult and eventually led to a shortage of the scripts. They are the works of Vedic Sages. Therefore Arumugam, the Father S. V. Arumugam who has base his predictions on Siva Nadi, later began making predictions from Agasthya Nadi. It is believed that the ancestors of Guruji Guru Swamy came from Meikandanadhar gothra or lineage originating to Vaitheeswarankoil from Tamilnadu located in India.

The family was able to exert considerable influence over the bulk of the first palm leaves , or original copies that contained Nadi Jodhidam (Josiyam) beliefs. The wealth of information about the use of medicines and spices, scientific research and art, and life-predictions of individuals contained in Nadi compositions of palm leaves have been viewed with respect by the British. They were obtained through a lease arrangement with the British in 1850-1875. Entirely focused from the beginning as he was being trained flawlessly when it came to reading and understanding “Nadi” under the watchful eye by his father and Guruji S. V. Arumugam Guruji Siva Guru Swamy on expanding the custom of delivering exact expectations.

The first time it was introduced was in 1802. cosmic information about, Nadi Astrology was passed down through the course of time from one era and the subsequent. Nadi Astrology is a means to address the present and future of people through the centuries-old palm leaf records created through Rishi munis through the crucial data. These records are stored by the vault.

Almost 2000 years prior, the considerable sages of yore, through sheer instinct comprehended prescriptions,stargazing, soothsaying and a few different branches of fundamental human information and deciphered them on palm leaves as manuscripts. Every single step in the realm of technology and science are a direct result of these ancient writings.

The Rishis were divine Sages and holy people with edification who focused their attention on one thing “Celestial BEING PARAMATHMA”. They far outperformed the powers of the individual. In addition they could predict the future through their premonition. By this method, Rishis such as Agastya, Koushika, Vasista, Maha siva Vakkiya, Kaha Bhujanda Bogar, Valmiki, Atri, Brigu, Sukar and others have predicted predictions for the future prosperity of humanity that inhabits this planet. Consider a particular moment in time; many lives are created in the world today which includes human lives, plant life animals, worms and more.

It is believed that the Rishis and siddhas have omitted the latter and confined their estimations to only people and everyone else who rises to the top of the world. They give estimates to people whom the Rishis, with their wisdom and aplomb they will be able to deal with these assumptions by using the holy substance. The appropriate age at which every individual must be able to gain these assumptions was also written on palm leaves of those who were the Rishis as well as siddhas.The theories were written in palm leaf swathes as were other articulations, scientific theories and stargazing practices of the past. They spoke a language older than that spoken in the pallava kingdom, referred to as Grandha.


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