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Kandam 1

It is a short report that assists in going through the biographical information for one i.e the name of the person family members, guardians and life partners, children work, profession, etc. Furthermore, the report illustrates the expected outcomes for almost every one of the twelve houses that comprise the horoscope of a person in relation to the planets’ positions at the time of birth, as outlined in the Nadi leaf.

Kandam 2

Education, Fortune, Family Life will be studied. This section also discusses the power of visual perception as well as the capability to communicate using speech.

Kandam 3

Determines the number of siblings and sisters that a person will be blessed with and discuss the relationships that they have. Both positive and negative perspectives can be discussed.

Kandam 4

The function and influence on the role and impact of Mother in their lives as well as the benefits and problems which one could encounter are addressed.Also is a discussion of the materialistic wealth such as houses vehicles, land and resources that have been claimed.

Kandam 5

Offers details about children during their day-to-day life, their achievements and issues, as well as your relationship with them, and death, as well as the ways to heal any issues connected to them

Kandam 6

The despair of financial difficulties or suffering from a real illness, and the ensuing dangers from adversaries are some of the most horrifying situations that one can experience and this section is filled with information concerning such incidents that occur that occur in a person’s daily routine. The causes of these incidents, the duration of persistence is expected and specific therapeutic approaches are suggested to get overcome this.

Kandam 7

The secrets that surround the marriage life and the pleasure of being unique to someone. The time frame of your marriage , the date it will take place, how long it would last, the reasons for the similarity, delays in the marriage and disagreements with the spouses are usually details that are mentioned throughout the article.

Kandam 8

The passing and life are fundamental elements that define all living beings. However, we are blessed to understand how it happen? Questions about life expectancy, lifespan or other dangers that may make one suffer an abrupt death, and are addressed here.

Kandam 9

It provides insight into your father and your relationship with him, his legacy of wealth, the property left by your father and all of its negatives and positives will be discussed.Any significant tendencies, details regarding sanctuary visits, acts of goodwill, that you need to take care of are revealed here.

Kandam 10

The program provides information about jobs are available and organizations that you can establish, and the advantages they can bring. It also forecasts the majority of your experience in your life.

Kandam 11

This part is about change and moving forward. The questions about positives and negatives people get from their vehicles are answered.The ethics of life and marriage is evident in this section along with the implications for your life in the future.

Kandam 12

This article focuses on your use of money and the ways and what you’ll spend it on, the likelihood of traveling to an overseas country and queries about what the future offers you in the event that you have one . It also clarifies the details of how Moksha which is what it is in this way.

Kandam 13

The section is about the violations that one committed in the past, and offers remedies for eliminate the effects that affect your present life.

Kandam 14

This highlights the supernatural. Reciting the Mantra Jepam or exhortation for wear Raksha or Talisman, to rid yourself of adversaries and problems and avoid the harmful effects of sins.

Kandam 15

Section that concentrates on medicines used to treat long-lasting or ongoing illnesses or ailments and strategies to in managing them.

Kandam 16

The main focus is on the planetary positions, periods, and sub-periods, as well as the effects on of one’s life as well as changes the planetary locations that change over time and what this can mean for their lives the time.


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